License Plate Screws Stainless Steel – 76 pc

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Model US-304SS-SFK56
High Quality Stainless Steel Hardware for license plate frames

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Product Description

  • High Quality Stainless Steel Hardware for license plate frames, Model US-304SS-SFK56
  • Why Buy This Kit? The answer lies in the answer to another question … What is your time worth? This kit quite likely has what you need to successfully install your new license plate and / or license plate frame -the first time. If you have what you need and get it right the first time, even if you discard the rest of the kit, you will be ahead of the game.
  • Includes variations in screw type, size (diameter), length and thread size in the machine screw variety. Also includes self tapping screws of various sizes – Gr. 304 Stainless Steel – Will Not Rust
  • Also includes plastic chrome and black screw covers.
  • KIT RECENTLY EXPANDED to 76 Pieces (Image shows 66) . See below for entire list of what is included.

Ah Hah! (Who Knew?)

There is no ‘one size fits all’ or ‘standard’ screw, bolt or fastener for attaching license plates (tags) and frames to vehicles. Why would there be? There are hundreds of makes, models and variations of models. Among them there is great variation in the hardware used for the purpose.

Among screws there are self tapping (sometimes called self threading) that anchor into plastic or fiber ‘nuts.’ There are bolts and screws with a machine thread, also, which require a matching nut. Generally, the larger sizes are called bolts while the smaller ones are machine screws.

Different size (diameter) machine screws have a different thread design. The screws come in different lengths, as well. Sometimes a vehicle is designed to accept a shorter screw, sometimes a longer one. All require the proper thread size and they are not interchangeable.

All these variables point to the need for a kit comprised of many sizes in terms of screw type, diameter, thread size and length. And, it points to the inadequacy of kits that offer only a couple of sizes.

What’s in the Kit?

• M5 machine screws (4 each) Sizes: m5-8, m5-10, m5-12, m5-16
• M6 machine screws (4 each) Sizes: m6-12, m6-16, m6-20, m6-25
• Self-tapping screws (4 each) Sizes: m5-16, m5-19, m5.5-20, m6.3-20
• Lock Nuts (4 each) Sizes: m5, m6
• White Plastic Square Nuts – 4 each
• Black Plastic Spacers Sizes: m5, m6 – (4 each)
• Black Plastic Screw Covers – 4 each
• Chrome Plastic Screw Covers – (4 each)

We think we have your vehicle covered. We offer a satisfaction money-back guarantee. If this kit does not serve your vehicle, we will refund your purchase price. The only question we will ask is the make and model of your vehicle, simply so we can learn from it and improve the kit.

So, all that’s left now is order the kit.


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