Theft Resistant License Plate Frame

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Same fine quality as our other frames with the addition of Theft Resistant SS Screw Covers (a $6.00 value)

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Product Description

  • Save $5.00 During Manufacturer’s Inventory Reduction Promo • Same fine quality as our other frames with the addition of Theft Resistant SS Screw Covers (a $6.00 value) | One frame per package. For vehicles requiring FOUR (4) fasteners to attach plate and frame. Some require only two (2). Please be sure to check your vehicle before ordering.
  • This frame is SAE 304 Stainless Steel polished to a mirror finish. Beware of less expensive SAE 430 Stainless Tag Frames. In comparison, Grade 304 SS is non-magnetic and has a much higher degree of corrosion resistance.
  • The slim 12″ x 6″ design is for a standard U.S. license plate. | No need to trim your tags. | The frame is of a slim design and does not cover up the renewal and / or county stickers used in some states. | Includes M5*20 (roughly equal to #12 x 3/4) SS fasteners.
  • Inexpensive Chrome or zinc oxide plated frames pit, corrode and flake | They are generally heftier in weight but don’t last long in places where salt is used on the roads | These SS license plate frames are lighter in weight and look great for far longer because they don’t readily oxidize or pit | That said, if treated incorrectly, any grade of stainless steel may discolor or stain | Normal maintenance includes regular cleaning with a mild detergent for stains that cannot be lifted with water.
  • WE ARE WELL-KNOWN to stand behind our products and will go to great lengths to ensure a pleasant buying experience. Should any questions or concerns arise about your purchase, we are easily found. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. This frame kit gives you confidence, beauty and most of all, envy. It’s all included. Order yours today. When you do, consider buying a few for your friends. And don’t forget to register for your Lifetime Warranty.

This fine frame is not chrome plated zinc, pot metal or pig metal. It is SAE Grade 304 Stainless Steel and it holds up well out in the elements.

What separates ours from the others?
It’s quite simple, really. There are a couple of things worth noting. It has to do with the materials, the design specs and adherence to strict quality assurance procedures in manufacturing. We have high standards.

Other, less expensive license plate frames claiming to be stainless steel (SS) are often made of SAE 430, a cheaper grade of SS, that offers less corrosion resistance than does 304 SS, which has a high resistance to corrosion. A run through the reviews of cheaper frames claiming to be SS will render complaints about rusting and pitting.

It’s because of our high standards and superior materials that we’re able to offer a guarantee unlike any other you’ve seen for license plate frames. A ‘better than money-back’ guarantee and here it is …

Try our stainless steel frame. If you don’t think you’re completely in love with the fine construction and the mirror finish, -if you don’t feel it was worth every penny of your investment today, we’ll give you back your full payment.

You’re protected by this guarantee whether you used it for a month or a year -for as long as you own it.
That’s how confident we are that you’ll be back for more.

So, order yours now and when you do, consider getting two sets …one for you and one for your very best friend.


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