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EN_FB-profile The Elisabeth Nielsen brand of home and kitchen products is marketed by Christensen & Nielsen Trading Co. LLC.

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Our latest offering on Amazon is a set of Stainless Steel Fine Mesh Strainers, which are great for pre-rinsing Quinoa.

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The image above is a photo of an embroidery Lis made when she was 13 (it is one of two).  As we understand it, (as I remember being told), the project is one that young girls typically did at that age in Denmark about a century ago.  Maybe Carsten can fill me in a little more about that.  Carsten …?


AMAZON REVIEW FROM A SATISFIED CUSTOMERLove my set of food strainers. I use them often and have added a toothbrush to my kitchen cleanup equipment for scrubbing the mesh.

Suggestion, if you like poached eggs try this tip. Place small strainer over cup or dish and open raw egg, gently shake strainer back and forth allowing the loose egg white to pass through to the cup. Place the yolk and remaining egg white in small bowl for poaching. No more strings or need for vinegar while poaching. -CT and family

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