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The Elisabeth Nielsen® brand of Home & Kitchen products is marketed by
Christensen and Nielsen Trading Co., LLC.

Elisabeth Nielsen was also my grandmother, who passed in 2002 at age 95. She lived a long, full life and was The One who gathered us all together when I was young for holiday dinners. She knew her way around the kitchen.

With the Elisabeth Nielsen® brand, we hope to keep her memory alive with useful, high quality products and to back it up with excellent customer service.

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Our latest offering on Amazon is a set of Stainless Steel Loose Tea Strainers (or, infusers) –which are great for all sorts of loose tea and herbal blends.

See it here: INFUSERS

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What Our Customers Say About Us

“Love my set of food strainers. I use them often and have added a toothbrush to my kitchen cleanup equipment for scrubbing the mesh.

Suggestion, if you like poached eggs try this tip. Place small strainer over cup or dish and open raw egg, gently shake strainer back and forth allowing the loose egg white to pass through to the cup. Place the yolk and remaining egg white in small bowl for poaching. No more strings or need for vinegar while poaching.”

– CT and family


– Richard C. Braintree, MA

Frequently Asked Questions

HIGH QUALITY CONSTRUCTION – The strainers are made of durable, high grade stainless steel. Paired with a rugged fine mesh and a mirror finish, the strainers not only work incredibly well, -they will look great in your kitchen too!

A sturdy double rod, stainless steel handle combines with a loop (or ear) that allows for easy resting on the rim of your mug, bowl, pan or sink. Our unique design stops particles from becoming lodged under the inside rim of the strainer.

QUINOA, FRUIT, PASTA, AND MORE! – Whether rinsing the bitter tasting saponins* from your quinoa, or washing some blueberries for a snack, our strainers have you covered. Hot or cold, wet or dry, our strainers are up to the task.

*Saponins are naturally occurring substances in many plants. When rinsed from quinoa, it will foam as soap does. The name is taken from the soapwort plant (Saponaria), the root of which was used historically as a soap (Latin sapo —> soap).

This durable set of high grade stainless steel food strainers is made up of three sizes: 3-1/4″, 5-1/2″, and 7-7/8 inches.
FIT AND FINISH – Fitting nicely in your hand, you can strain and sieve without worrying about your grip. The handle is easy to hold by chefs of all ages and hand sizes.
CONVENIENT CLEANING AND EFFICIENT STORAGE – Easy to keep clean with a soft brush and washable by hand (to maximize longevity) or dishwasher, these strainers make clean-up a breeze. The “nesting” set allows you to efficiently store your strainers without taking up too much space in your kitchen.

THE PERFECT GIFT – No cook can succeed without a quality strainer – and yet many are trying to use beat up, worn out versions from years ago. The Elisabeth Nielsen Strainer Set is the ideal complement to your favorite cook and makes
a great gift for a new home.

GUARANTEE – There is no fine print to our LIFETIMEWarranty. Our strainers are warranted for as long as you own them. It’s that simple. Order yours now.