About the Plastic Screw Covers That Accompany the License Plate Frame Screw Kit

Note:  For installation instructions, please scroll down.

Loose Fit

We have received some feedback about the plastic screw covers that License Plate Screw Coverscome packed in our License Plate Screws Kit -the fact that they sometimes have a loose fit and may not snap tightly together. We hear of this only occasionally.  In the majority of cases the fit is not an issue.

If yours seems to have too loose a fit, our suggestion is to use a little household adhesive such as Super-Glue or Gorilla Glue (or the like) to hold them in place if needed. The plastic parts can easily be broken when the time comes to remove your license plate with use of a pair of pliers.

Warranty Note

The plastic parts are not precision-made items and should not be expected to last as long or, look as good for as long as either model of our license plate frame, which are made of high grade stainless steel and warranted for as long as you own them.

The warranty does not cover the plastic parts.


Replacements are available. To order, please contact us at: support@ChristensenNielsen.com.   Please specify quantity of sets desired and color (chrome-like silver or black).

Price is: $1.00 for a set of 4, plus $5.95 for U.S. 1st Class Mail (shipping & handling).

Installation Sketch

Step 1.

Place ‘Cup Washer’ in position.  Screw through hole and tighten.

Step 2.

Place screw cover over the cup washer at a slight angle.

Step 3.

Push screw cover down firmly until it engages with a firm snap.