How to Use the Anti-Theft Stainless Steel Screw Covers with Our SS License Plate Frame


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Important Update

We have introduced

new versions of both of our SS license plate frames on These two frames (one uses 2 fasteners and the other uses 4 fasteners) now come with a comprehensive screw and fastener kit containing 76 pieces. The fasteners (self-threading and machine screws) are high grade stainless steel and will not rust.  The set also contains plastic ‘chrome-like’ and black screw covers.

The objective in providing all these screws is to alleviate the need to schlep all over town to find the right size screws for your vehicle. Among the many makes and models of vehicles there are a slew of different sized fasteners used to attach a license plate. They vary in diameter, length and thread design.

Most ‘Original Equipment’ fasteners are not stainless and it makes no sense to us to re-use them with our hi-quality SS frame. Do you need our kit with so many screws? It depends upon what your time is worth. Feedback from our customers tends to align with our thoughts about it. We’d rather be looking at them than looking for them.

Frustration-Free Packaging

Our frames, both polished and matte black, come packaged in Frustration Free Packaging (FFP). The brown corrugated cardboard package is recyclable and eliminates the need for the package to be placed inside of a larger box for shipping.

Contemplating Use of the Anti-theft Screw Covers?

anti theft screw covers

Should I or should I not …?

They’re not for everyone. Please read the discussion below these videos that examines the pros and cons, including the ‘Vehicle Owners’ Responsibility.’Before you decide, we would encourage you to check out the ‘Removal’ video, as well.

How To Install Your Stainless Theft-Resistant Screw Covers

We became aware

that the use of the anti-theft screw covers that come with the frame might not be intuitive. This ‘how-to’ video will explain how to fasten the assembly to the vehicle.

How To Remove Your Stainless Anti-Theft Screw Covers

The ‘how-to’ video below contains a discussion about removal of the screw covers. Additional discussion appears below the video.

A Word about the Stainless Steel Screw Covers

These tag frame screw covers are considered theft resistant.

As such, they are semi-permanent. Once installed, they may become difficult to remove -especially over time after exposure to road grime and grit that comes when driving over wet roads. They are not right for applications where a plate is expected to be removed periodically for cleaning or the like. Please read and consider ‘Owner’s Responsibilities’ below. One positive aspect is no one will likely walk away with your license plate. The downside is you’ll need to plan ahead and use a little finesse to get them loose. You won’t be able to remove your plates as easily as turning a screw. The flip side to that is most screws used for the purpose are ferrous metal and corrode, rendering them difficult to remove, as well. You won’t have that problem with this set-up. Our screws are stainless steel –just like the screw covers and the frame. The main point is –plan ahead. When the day comes to remove your plate, I would use a little WD-40 or penetrating oil on them and let them sit awhile or overnight before trying to take them apart. I would use a sharp pointy tool (small screw driver or similar) and try to work it out, prying a little on all sides. Once it’s out a little, you can grab it with a pair of slip-joint pliers. In some cases the cap will seat all the way in and be flush –with nothing much to pry or grab.

In such cases or if other efforts to pry it out fail, try this:

  1. Drill a small pilot hole through the cover.
  2. Choose a self-tapping sheet metal screw (slightly larger than the pilot hole).
  3. Thread the sheet metal screw through the pilot hole. The end of the screw will eventually contact the license plate bolt and “jack” the cover from its seated position.

For your reference, this procedure is demonstrated in the video above.

Vehicle Owner’s Responsibility

It must be considered

the buyers responsibility to determine if use of the screw covers on their car is, ultimately, the ‘right’ or, correct application. This should be based upon your objectives (like theft resistance) and / or skill level (necessary for installation or removal).  Many choose not to use them if theft is not a big problem where you live. Lack of skill level, proper hand tools and / or desire to do it oneself might prompt some to seek assistance from a garage mechanic, who, if worth his (or her) salt, would make short work of it. These will do what we want them to do -dress up the frame and hide the screws.  You will need to allow a little time to coax them apart when that day comes.   Because they are made of stainless steel, they will resist corrosion for a long time. If you haven’t viewed the ‘how-to’ video above, it is there if you need some perspective on the topic. If any questions or concerns arise, please reach out to us.

Help Us To Help You

We want to do things right

and need your help to inform us if there is something we should know about one of our products.  Please call us or email us if you have a question or concern before leaving a review on Amazon. We are standing by to help you.  We are proud of our level of customer service, take pleasure in it, and have been known to go to great lengths to ensure our customers have a good buying experience.  To do that, we need a courtesy call from you. There is a lifetime warranty on our frames and screw covers. Please register your warranty here:  Our Customer Care Line is 518-460-1690 or, reach us by email here: Our goal is to respond within 24 hours (except on weekends).